What Is Vacuum Glazing?

Vacuum Glazing

Vacuum glazing is the latest innovation in glass design. It is a multifunctional glazing system that can be used as an alternative to conventional glass. It can improve acoustic performance as well as reduce conductive and convective heat flow. In addition, it is the most aesthetically pleasing product available.

Multifunctional Glazing System

What’s vacuum glazing? Vacuum glazing is one of the best ways to reduce the convective heat flow. It has been proven that the vacuum between two glasses reduces conductive heat transfer by up to 53%. This means that vacuum glazing provides an ideal solution for large glazed facades. Another benefit of PV-vacuum glazing is the solar factor. This allows a reduction in heat loss for both winter and summer seasons. This can be a real boon to building designers looking to reduce energy consumption while still enjoying the benefits of daylight.

In addition to its thermal performance, a fineo hybrid unit is narrower than triple glazed insulating glass and exceeds the triple glazed in sound insulation. It can be installed into well preserved window frames in minutes. It is currently subsidised by BAFA with up to 15000 euros.

Reduces Conductive And Convective Heat Flow

Vacuum glazing is a type of low-conductance double-glazing that minimizes convective and conductive heat flow. This technology can reduce the U-value of a window by 42%.The U-value of a window is the total thermal transmittance of the glass from one surface to the other. U-values are measured based on the ambient temperature and the difference in the temperature between the surfaces. For windows, the reduction in the U-value means a reduction in the overall weight and dimension. However, reduced heat transfer also means reduced visible light transmission. This can be accomplished by using low-emissivity coatings on glass and by reducing the emissivity of the exterior surface of the glass.

In addition to improving the weight and dimensions of a window, vacuum glazing can eliminate convective and conductive heat flow. It is possible to reduce the U-value of a double-glazed window by 50%.

Improves Acoustic Performance

Vacuum insulating glass is a relatively new window technology that is being claimed to improve acoustic performance. It can reduce noise levels by up to four decibels. There are several factors to consider when selecting the best option for your home. A good acoustic engineer can help you select the most effective solution.

A single pane of glass isn’t as effective as double or triple panes. Increasing the mass of each pane can improve acoustic performance. Using spacers can also help. In a fenestration design, the spacer material and assembly methods can also contribute to the acoustic performance of a unit. It is important to remember that acoustic performance is only as good as the weakest link. To increase acoustic performance, you can use laminated glass or vacuum glazing. Generally, laminated glass consists of two panes of thinner glass that are covered with a layer of polyvinyl butyral. This layer is bonded to the inner pane to absorb sounds and increase security.

FINEO Is The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Product

In addition to its outstanding performance, FINEO also offers some of the most appealing aesthetics on the market. These windows come in a variety of designs, shapes, and finishes. They are produced from materials that are lead-free and environmentally friendly. Unlike most double or triple glazing, FINEO is vacuum sealed. This allows for the glass to be thinner and slimmer, making it ideal for installation into existing timber frame windows.

The vacuum seal between the panes creates a space that allows heat to move between them. This keeps the room warmer and more comfortable. This means fewer heating bills and more free solar heat gain. The U-value of FINEO is slightly lower than that of triple or double glazing. FINEO is available in a wide range of styles, making it suitable for new and existing building construction. It is easy to install into existing frames, which is especially important in older properties. It also provides an excellent acoustic insulation performance.

Final Word

However, one type of double glazing is designed to maximize thermal efficiency. It uses thinner glass than conventional double glazing and is a new innovation in the window industry. Its key features include low weight, high thermal efficiency and sound insulation. That will help your windows last longer and be more attractive.

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