Olympic Gold Medalist William Shaner

Olympic Gold Medalist

William Shaner, 20, of Colorado Springs, is the second-youngest man ever to win an Olympic rifle event. On Sunday in Tokyo he set a new Olympic record with an astounding 251.6 score – setting himself up as an unbeatable contender in this year’s competition.

At the age of 9, Shaner began shooting with a 4-H program in Rifle, Colorado. From there he progressed onto monthly preliminary tryout (PTO) events at the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center until qualifying for major matches.

He is a native of Colorado Springs

William Shaner, a Colorado Springs native and one of the world’s greatest shooters, has been honing his craft for over a decade and is renowned for his dedication and focus.

He has achieved great success in the sport, winning gold medals at numerous international competitions. With such a promising future ahead of him, it appears certain that he will continue to achieve greatness in the years ahead.

His parents told News5 that making an Olympic debut had been something he had been working towards his entire life and it meant so much to them. They are immensely proud of their son’s accomplishment and hope he continues making an impact in sports shooting worldwide.

He is a member of the University of Kentucky

At the Olympics, William Shaner earned a gold medal in men’s 10-meter air rifle competition – becoming the second-youngest American to do so in Olympic history.

He won a silver medal in men’s skeet and bronze in women’s skeet. A student at the University of Kentucky, he began shooting sports when he was nine years old.

Will is driven by his pursuit of perfection and love of his small-town roots, striving to be an inspirational role model for young shooters. He credits coaches from the National Training Center Shooting Club (NTCSC), USA Shooting, and the University of Kentucky with helping him along the way.

The UK Athletics department is sending a total of 22 student athletes to the Tokyo Games. Eight will represent America, while 14 others will represent their home nations.

He is a role model for young shooters

William Shaner strives for perfection and values his small-town roots, striving to be an inspiration to future shooting athletes. His victory at the Tokyo Olympics marked a historic moment in American shooting sports history.

Shaner was unwavering in his determination to reach his Olympic goal despite numerous obstacles and setbacks. He worked diligently to prepare mentally and physically for the event, never fearing to push himself beyond what was comfortable.

He attributes his success to coaches and support from the National Training Center Shooting Club, USA Shooting, and the University of Kentucky. As a result, he has become one of the top shooters worldwide, winning multiple national and international titles along the way. Furthermore, he was named first-team All-American by CRCA – providing him with an exciting future ahead. At 20 years old, this promising young shooter still has lots of opportunities ahead.

He has a bright future

William Shaner is an American shooter who made history at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics with his gold medal win in the 10-meter air rifle shooting event. At age 20, he became the youngest person ever to win an Olympic gold medal in shooting, bringing attention to the sport of target shooting.

He has a promising future and should serve as an inspirational role model to other young shooters. With his talent, he could easily become a world-class shooter and win more medals for the United States.

At the age of 9, he began shooting at a 4-H program to hone his skills. Additionally, his father, who is also an instructor, helped him perfect his technique. With an intense passion for shooting, he has worked tirelessly to make his goals come true.

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